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Hey beautiful. I’m so thankful for each and everyone of my followers! And to the people who are too nervous to message me, or don’t know me. I’m Julia, tumblr user Mistaught  || I love talking to new people and making friends-I love indie/rock, boybands, and fashion. You can also follow my sideblog Crusty-Krab if you want humor on your dash! see you later:)


ever wanted to do some stuff? like, different stuff? tired of having to scroll through your huge ref tag? LOOK NO FURTHER!! Have a masterpost of LITERALLY EVERYTHING which took me 5 hours to make so reblog it

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    Me in the Hunger Games: What's the wifi code for this arena?
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My mom asked me to throw out the flowers in our kitchen because they are “dead” but I kept these cute ones

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beautiful mess by jason mraz is actually about me

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Tip for all my student readers: if you’re too lazy to use a bibliography creator like NoodleBib or RefWorks, let Google generate your bibliography entries for you. All you have to do is google the article/book title in Google Scholar, click “cite” at the bottom of the search result, and copy either the MLA, APA, or Chicago cite into your word document.